25 Things About Me

1) My name is Bruce BUT just call me Andre.

2) Ethnically, I am ½ Portuguese, 1/8 Irish, questionable Spanish and the remainder Indian. I love my ambiguous look. People always ask me if I am from a list of equatorial nations however I strongly identify with being Indian; I was born there and many generations of my family have lived there as well.

3) I was a super-nerd in high school. Complete with oversized and outdated clothes, ridiculous amounts of facial hair and very cheesy smiling. Good times.

4) Back in my hermit, nerd days I wasn’t going to go to my school ball. However with persuasion from friends and family I decided to go. Omg I am so glad I did so. That was one of the significant events that built the present day me.

5) The day I got my hair straightener, my life changed. I did my first camwhore session and it was the birth of materialistic-vainwhore version of myself. It was an amazing liberating moment.

6) At some time my BMI was 40. I was 90kg and my height was 130cm. But I think BMI works differently for kids so this isn’t really applicable.

7) To everyone who isn’t violently homophobic, I am openly gay. I am very proud of this fact. I am out to my immediate family, friends, work colleagues and all. I chose to remain closeted to my extended family because I want to come out to them when my parents are ready. Even though my parents are extremely supportive of me, I need to respect that it will take them time to come to terms with my sexuality and be open about it to others.

8) Azn 7. They were my bestest friends. I still like these characters. In high school a random group of us decided to hang out and we happened to be all Asian and yeah we became the ‘Azn 8’ but not ‘Azn7’. We are a very diverse group and even had one cauc-azn member. We spent leavers together and did safe azn things like no drinking and sleepover parties.

However, during the beginning half of 2010 I decided to go on hiatus from the group. This was due to personal reasons/I wanted to get away and meet new people. Things are not the same as they were once or how I once wished things would be like but I guess life is not a fairytale and not everything goes as planned.

9) High school is so overrated. I know my ex-best friends are from high school but omg uni is so much more awesome. Wth why isn’t this fact advertised at high school. It would stop so many people from doing dropping out of high school! I have had an amazing time at university and I have befriended some amazing people whom I hope to stay in touch with for a very long time.

10) Fresher year at uni has so far been the best year of life. As I have mentioned above, I was introduced to uni and I was like o.0 omg this so amazing. I guess compared to my previous nerd ways this came to me as a huge blow. I hope the future years of uni can match up to this. I met so many awesome people and new experiences.

11) I started naming the years of life since the age of 15.

15- The year of Questioning (when I came to Australia and was like omg I am a freak!)
16- The year of Self-Discovery
17- The year of Awesome Friends
18- The year of New Social Beginnings
19- The year of OMG-get-serious-with-your-life
20- The year of Get-Over-Azn7
21- The year of Starting/Maintaining Relevant Relationships
22 - The year of Manic Organisation
23 - The year of Forward Planning
24 - The year of Travel

12) There was one point in my life when I was a very sad, angry and miserable (suicidal) kid. This was a combination of poor self-esteem, self-denial and passive homophobia. I am so glad to have moved out of there. I really hope no one goes to that place. It is so much better when you get to the other side. I am glad that ‘old Bruce’ chickened out of doing something that one day.

13) I have multiple personalities. One is the friend-Andre and the other is the family-Bruce. Family Bruce (Peter D’Souza) is very restricted and reserved (pretty much a bore to be around). I feel very awkward being with my family and am so much MYSELF when I am with u peoplezz. That is why I have created a separate facebook account for my friends and another for my family. Over time I have also developed a personality Lisa, this is who I am when I party and I am Queen B when I get annoyed at people.
Yes, I know I need help.

14) I am mortally afraid of milk.

15) I have completed a double degree in Law and Health Science. I currently work as a Case Manager at the Health Complaints Office. I facilitate negotiated settlements and early dispute resolution as well as make recommendations for systemic improvement in the delivery of health services.

16) I have had lived in 4 decades: eighties, nineties, naughties and teenies. *Sigh*

17) I have imaginary friends, Lisa, Andrew and Arthur. Andrew and Arthur are twins. Andrew is gay. Arthur is fond of wearing hoodies and being gangster. Lisa sings like Beyonce and is the hottest girl in the world; her younger sister is Livia. I have no fantasy whatsoever of being Lisa. Sarah is the twins’ cousin, she always has a fringe. Simone is my recently discovered third cousin. Dan and Kaya are two awesome Asians. I really need help, yeah I know.

18) I was raised Roman catholic and presently am atheist/agnostic. I really don’t believe in the whole God thing. I basically think that Gad was fabricated so that people would behave in an appropriate manner and to stop boys from masturbating. However, I think that this can be achieved with a legal system.

Having said this I have nothing against people who are religious, just don’t impose it on me. I think that religion can play a very powerful role in the psychology of healing and there is anthropological evidence that shows that religious practices can prolong life span. Religion can be good in some contexts but I think it is just not for me. I don’t like people forcing their religion on me and I don’t like people forcing their atheist views on religious people.

19) My favorite music genre is RnB. And my fave singers are Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, Mary J Blige, basically any black powerhouse woman. However with my clubbing expeditions I have been introduced to electronic-ish music. That some really good s#!t. OMG and Lady GaGa as well!!! Of lately, I have been listening to a lot of Soul music (Amy Winehouse, Adele) and of course female rap.

20) The first time i got maggot at home my parents thought I was about to die. Awkward/embarrassing night :S

21) I think Bruce is a name better suited to some hunky white Australia guy in the outback who chops wood. Not me. Hence I think Andre is a much better name for me. LOL after I changed my facebook name to Andre Rodrigues, heaps of people deleted me off facebook and then added me back with a note - Oh sorry Bruce, didn’t realise that you are Andre now =P. haha.

22) Omg Hrithik Roshan. That is all.

23) I occasionally check serebii.net to check on the newest pokemon Ash has caught. I wish I was Eevee and could evolve into various different pokemon. Omg do you know Eevee can now evolve into a grass and ice form. Oh yeah…some traits of being super nerd still remain.

24) If I could be a mystical creature, I would like to be an angel.

25) Life goes on.

Bruce, 2009 [updated last 2014]